Yachts: Attessa

August 9, 2006

this beautiful yacht with private helicopter!

attesa lineattessa the back

more on:

guess how the helicopter lands:


5 Responses to “Yachts: Attessa”

  1. What a beautiful beautiful Yacht. WOW!!!
    I saw it docked in San Diego near the convention center on Christmas and took many photos of it.

  2. Ethan Says:

    I saw it stationed off the coast of my resort in Puerto Vallarta…. Do we know who owns it?

  3. louise Says:

    i saw it at PVR too from 4/7/10 – 4/9 from the NH Krystal resort, on the 10th it was at the marina. gorgeous!!!!

  4. J. Maxwell Says:

    we also saw it from the decks of Holland America’s lovely
    Oosterdam. Beautiful yacht……..
    have been trying to find out who owns it also ????

  5. hhk Says:

    It belongs to the deceased Rene Rivkin from Australia

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